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SocialKYC is an identity attestation service for regaining control over your digital identity. SocialKYC will allow users to manage, store and present their personal credentials, enabling them to select which elements of their private information are accessed by online services.

KYC or “Know Your Customer” is standard practice while opening an account with a bank or exchange, proving that you own your government-issued credentials like a passport. “SocialKYC” verifies a user’s internet identity by proving control of their social accounts (Twitter and email address now; other accounts like GitHub, Discord, TikTok and phone number soon). Unlike Web 2.0 sign-in processes, SocialKYC forgets about the user and the credential as soon as the credential is issued. Personal data is not stored, siloed or shared.

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BOTLabs GmbH
Keithstraße 2-4
10787 Berlin, Germany

Germany Commercial Court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg in Berlin
Registration Number: HRB 193450B
VAT No: DE316284270

Managing Director: Ingo Rübe
Contact: info@socialkyc.io
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Requirements according to § 5 TMG (Germany)

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